Nikola Markovic

Product Development Engineer

Nikola is a dynamic leader with a passion for organizing engineering teams and driving product development to success. With a Bachelor’s degree in Design and Product Development from Chalmers University of Technology, Nikola brings a holistic approach to the development process, blending technical expertise with a sustainable mindset. His experience includes spearheading projects such as mounting and encasing launch towers for drones at the Swedish Sea Rescue Society, demonstrating his ability to tackle complex challenges while prioritizing functionality and cost-efficiency.

Currently serving as a System Engineer and Component Responsible Engineer at Aurobay. Nikola oversees the design, development, and validation of these critical automotive components, managing projects, collaborating with cross-functional teams and suppliers, and ensuring compliance with quality standards and regulatory requirements.
Assignment - System Engineer and Component Responsible Engineer at Aurobay
Expertise - Project Management. Design & Requirements