Allan Ridha

Software Engineer

Allan is a software engineer who is passionate about last long-term solutions that are tailored to organizational requirements. He is an expert in developing, maintaining, and handling hardware as well as coding to create systems that are reliable and user-friendly. His effective communication skills, the ability to effectively identify the client’s needs and pay close attention to user feedback to optimize user-function, have helped many clients in achieving their ambitious goals.

Programming in Java and C# as well as managing front- or back-end systems using different logic or programming languages are a few of his strong suits.

He has also been developing websites, applications and being supportive in development of systems. Allan was also involved in a project at Sweco during his studies. He constructed a web-based project for simulation and analysis for their internal system. The idea was to allow colleagues to take coffee breaks between a mix of employees from different departments in the company.
Assignment - System Engineer at Volvo Cars
Expertise - Cloud Technologies, Embedded Software, HW Testing & Verification