Haris Ibrahimovic

Software Engineer

“I strongly believe that one of the best leadership styles is the coaching style, especially in Njord. The people in our organization are fantastic at what they do, and they always strive to become better each day in their work. In my experience I have seen that people who really enjoy their workplace and what they do, they excel in that kind of environment and leadership as it gives them the room to grow more, which is one of our core values I try to maintain daily”

Haris’s role at Njord Engineering is to coach and support all people involved in the organization with decision making, job and career paths and general day-to-day tasks, based on his extensive experience in the technology industry. Part of his role includes working together with our different internal teams such as sales, recruitment, in-house projects, financials, and marketing.
Assignment - Volvo Cars
Expertise - Cloud Technologies, Embedded Software, HW Testing & Verification