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Njord Engineering is an engineering consulting, product development and a venture capitalist firm that focuses mainly on software engineering, development, and embedded systems, which was founded in Gothenburg city by Haris Ibrahimovic, in the fall of 2021.

Our name was inspired by Nordic mythology and reflects the Nordic spirit, quality, and trustworthiness. Along with Torque Engineering, we are committed to deliver transparency, professionalism and efficiency in our daily work. With prudent beginnings, we seek to offer the sharpest minds and brilliant people, the best workplace to be a part of, and to deliver quality to our valued clientele.

Our vision is to establish long term business relationships with customers and partners, to create an gratifying environment where there is synergy between all involved parties.

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Allan Ridha

Software Engineer

Allan is a software engineer who is passionate about last long-term solutions that are tailored to organizational requirements. He is an expert in developing, maintaining, and handling hardware as well as coding to create systems that are reliable and user-friendly. His effective communication skills, the ability to effectively identify the client’s needs and pay close attention to user feedback to optimize user-function, have helped many clients in achieving their ambitious goals.

Programming in Java and C# as well as managing front- or back-end systems using different logic or programming languages are a few of his strong suits.

He has also been developing websites, applications and being supportive in development of systems. Allan was also involved in a project at Sweco during his studies. He constructed a web-based project for simulation and analysis for their internal system. The idea was to allow colleagues to take coffee breaks between a mix of employees from different departments in the company.

Haris Ibrahimovic

CEO of Njord Engineering​

“I strongly believe that one of the best leadership styles is the coaching style, especially in Njord. The people in our organization are fantastic at what they do, and they always strive to become better each day in their work. In my experience I have seen that people who really enjoy their workplace and what they do, they excel in that kind of environment and leadership as it gives them the room to grow more, which is one of our core values I try to maintain daily”

Haris’s role at Njord Engineering is to coach and support all people involved in the organization with decision making, job and career paths and general day-to-day tasks, based on his extensive experience in the technology industry. Part of his role includes working together with our different internal teams such as sales, recruitment, in-house projects, financials, and marketing.

Johan Blom

Computational Engineer

Johan Blom is a passionate software engineer and developer and loves helping people with docker, creating web applications, and managing database. He has spent the majority of his career in the tech industry, gaining experiences in areas such as Java and Python programming, Scrum and Agile environment.

Johan has bachelor’s in computer engineering and master’s in computer science specializing in algorithms, languages, and logic from Chalmers University of Technology. During his studies, he did his master thesis project which he creates machine learning model that can predict odds of additional costs on a car, based on the driver’s behaviour. The model was created in Python, with the help of Kubernetes and Docker. His project was done with Sigma Embedded Engineering and driving prediction data gathered from Lynk&Co cars. Furthermore, he has completed a Professional Scrum Master course.

Kaixin Chen

Electrical Engineer

Kaixin is a talented electrical engineer, specialized in wireless tech. He is keen on telecommunication, signal processing, and radio communication. From the planning stages to the measurement, he has gained enough practice of handling hardware throughout his education

Kaixin has bachelor’s in electrical engineering and master’s in wireless, photonic and Space Engineering from Chalmers University of Technology. During his studies, he had the experience to work with RF (Radio Frequency) components from design stage to production which he was enjoyed. He was happy to learn the framework, from the usage of simulation tools to the practical measurement. His master’s thesis topic involved machine learning-based random body movement cancellation and FMCW radar. His diverse skill sets, which range from programming (in C and Python) to hardware design (microwave and electronic circuit), are his strongest suit.

Nikola Markovic

Product Development Engineer

Nikola is a dynamic leader with a passion for organizing engineering teams and driving product development to success. With a Bachelor’s degree in Design and Product Development from Chalmers University of Technology, Nikola brings a holistic approach to the development process, blending technical expertise with a sustainable mindset. His experience includes spearheading projects such as mounting and encasing launch towers for drones at the Swedish Sea Rescue Society, demonstrating his ability to tackle complex challenges while prioritizing functionality and cost-efficiency.

Currently serving as a System Engineer and Component Responsible Engineer at Aurobay. Nikola oversees the design, development, and validation of these critical automotive components, managing projects, collaborating with cross-functional teams and suppliers, and ensuring compliance with quality standards and regulatory requirements.