Kaixin Chen

Electrical Engineer

Kaixin is a talented electrical engineer, specialized in wireless tech. He is keen on telecommunication, signal processing, and radio communication. From the planning stages to the measurement, he has gained enough practice of handling hardware throughout his education

Kaixin has bachelor’s in electrical engineering and master’s in wireless, photonic and Space Engineering from Chalmers University of Technology. During his studies, he had the experience to work with RF (Radio Frequency) components from design stage to production which he was enjoyed. He was happy to learn the framework, from the usage of simulation tools to the practical measurement. His master’s thesis topic involved machine learning-based random body movement cancellation and FMCW radar. His diverse skill sets, which range from programming (in C and Python) to hardware design (microwave and electronic circuit), are his strongest suit.

His previous working experience and background have given him soft skills such as communication, stress tolerance and cultural adapted. As one of Njorders, he started his first assignment with an inhouse project.
Assignment - Software Engineer at Volvo Cars
Expertise - Wireless Technology, Telecommunication, Signal Processing