Sam Sohrabpour

Software Engineer

Sam Sohrabpour is a Software Engineer. A major part of his career has been in the tech industry, gaining experience in areas such as programming, testing, and deploying microservices that uses machine learning solutions. While data scientist and back-end developer are his primary job functions, Sam also enjoys Web development and web design.

Sam has his bachelor’s in Computer Science and master’s in computer science specializing in algorithms, languages, and logic from Chalmers University of Technology. During his studies he has worked with real-time systems and also ported the aforementioned microservice from windows to linux. He is curious about the extra functionality that migrating to the Linux operating system would enable user to achieve with an API standard such as GigE Vision.

The majority of the projects he has worked on have used intuitive agile frameworks like Kanban. However, he has a certified Scrum Master and have taken a DevOps course, so he would still be well informed on how everything functions, if he was required to work with those frameworks.
Assignment - SAAB
Expertise - Machine learning, Database management, Web Development